Friday, December 30, 2005

Take that, Finals.

The semester is finally over. Finals became an all-consuming succubus by the end, but I got through my first set of cumulative med school exams and am happy to report that in the end, none of my grades were affected either way by my scores on the exams. Normally that would seem like a whole lot of work for nothing, but I'm trying to stay positive about the experience (now that I'm on the other side of the looking glass) and choosing to look at it as my first chance to prove that I can jump over ridiculously tall hurdles. But enough about those horrid tests...

The day after finals I was lucky enough to fly away to the island of Kauai (one of the Hawaiian islands) for my 4-month delayed honeymoon. My wife and I lucked into using her aunt and uncle's timeshare there as a wedding gift (thanks guys!), so we were actually able to afford the trip. The island was absolutely beautiful, and it was refreshing to spend time with my wife in which neither of us had to worry about school or work. We explored the island as thoroughly as possible over the week, and even so are already dying to go back. The weather and people on the island were both wonderful (which is a drastic change from our impressions thus far of the greater Milwaukee area), and we really felt like we were home all week. Certainly not a feeling either of us anticipated, but a welcome one nonetheless.

Since we flew back on Christmas day I've been trying to take it easy, but have failed miserably in that respect. I've had this nagging feeling everyday while I am home that I am not getting enough done, and as a result have been multitasking while doing almost everything. This is especially odd considering my past personality, which was focused (almost to a fault) on enjoying my free time by watching DVDs, playing Xbox, etc. In fact, I often had to play catch-up during undergrad to make up for my procrastinating, free-time creating ways. Seems like my first semester of school has already changed my work ethic to a certain degree...probably not such a bad thing.

School starts on Tuesday, so I'll be sure to update at that time!

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Coming Soon...

Just stopping in to get a start on what I hope will be an active blog. For those not in the know, I am currently a first year medical student (M1) at the Medical College of Wisconsin, and we are just beginning our finals week for fall semester. This of course means that I will be responsible for every last detail found in approximately 1500 pages of class notes. I really mean every detail. All is well though, and aside from seeing the inside of the library more than I see my loving wife, I am defeating the scholastic enemy. I may not be updating here before the week is through, but I will endeavor to post a few comments on the results of the week and my mental status on Friday. Should be interesting...

In the meantime, I'll post a couple links to websites I think are helpful for pre-meds, or even those just interested in seeing medical education from the inside. I cannot recommend these sites enough.